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Title: Miami Moonlight (1/?)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] burningeden
Rating: NC17 (eventually)
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Summary: This picks up where the finale left off and may cause readers to experience high blood pressure, anger, swooning, and the need for cold showers.
Disclaimer: In my profile and sidebar over there --->.
Dedication: Happy Housewarming to [livejournal.com profile] lestobiosis! I hope you are unpacking and not reading this. :)

Arizona Robbins had never been to Florida. The first thing she noticed was the smell of saltwater. The second thing she noticed was the amount of skin on display as she stared out the window of the taxi. Everywhere she looked there were tiny bikinis and tanned, toned women flaunting their curves. It didn't hold her interest, however. Because Arizona Robbins was on a mission. She had to find a way to take back the last conversation she'd had with Calliope. Every syllable of it hung in her brain like a heavy web that she couldn't untangle herself from and she had to find a way to fix it.

Staring a gunman in the face had been a wake up call. A wake up call that was much needed and put everything into perspective. In the moments that Arizona covered Ruby's body with her own she was thinking of all the children in the pediatric wing of the hospital. They were her children. Dr. Arizona Robbins was the Head of Peds and all of those kids, every last one of them, were her responsibility. Cradling Ruby as the little girl cried had awoken something inside Arizona that she never dreamed could stagger to life. It awoke her maternal instincts. They were ALL her kids. And as her arms wrapped around Ruby the only thing she could think to say was 'there are only children here'.

But that wasn't the total truth.

There wasn't a child where one should be ... and that was in Calliope's arms.

What Arizona Robbins wanted more than anything was to wrap her arms around a child that Callie had created.

A child to call her own as well and really, truly mean it in every sense of the word.

Her intention had been to reassure Calliope and let her know how much she wanted a life with her, but something hung there between them that Calliope knew nothing about. Arizona knew she couldn't commit to anything until she unloaded her guilt and confessed what she had kept hidden so deeply that she wanted to forget it had ever happened.

Leaning her head back against the warm leather seat of the cab, she closed her eyes and replayed that night.


"I can't believe how I panicked when I saw him in the doorway," Arizona said, shaking her head. "I'm supposed to be strong, you know? But one glance at that gun and I fell apart. I fell apart, Calliope."

"It's okay." Callie reached out, taking Arizona's hand in hers. "You protected Ruby. That was what you were supposed to do."

"You were so brave. And ... so stupid! He could have killed you!"

"Well, he didn't." Callie slid a little closer to Arizona on the sofa. "Can we talk about something else? Like us?"

Arizona gave her a tired smile and fought the urge to move away from the other woman. The secret she kept was tangled in her throat, fighting to escape. "I'm so glad there is an 'us'."

"So am I. I really missed you, you know?" Threading her fingers through Arizona's blond hair, Callie kissed her temple. "Did you mean what you said? About kids?"

The lump in Arizona's throat was large and constricting now, making it difficult to concentrate at all. "I don't make it a habit of saying things I don't mean. Look, do we have to talk about THIS right now? It's been a hard day and I'd rather focus on the fact that we survived it and we're here."

"We are here. And I love you." Callie studied her for several seconds. "I love you so much, Arizona. I don't ever want to know what it feels like to not have you in my life again. I need you."

"I love you, too." Arizona felt her eyes burning with tears when Callie stood and held out her hand, nodding toward the bedroom. "Calliope, wait. We - I need -"

"I know exactly what you need."

Flustered, Arizona covered her face with her hands and began to cry in earnest. "I have to -"

"What is it, baby? What's wrong?"

It was the endearment that did it, the soft spoken word that unraveled her tongue and unleashed the truth. "I slept with another woman, Calliope. The night of the party at Derek's house. I - I slept with someone else."


"What do you think of the view?"

Arizona was jarred from her thoughts by the cab driver's gravely voice. "Pardon?"

"The view? We're heading into the richest part of Miami and you're seeing multi million dollar views from here. Do you like it?"

"Oh, right," Arizona muttered, glancing out the window again. She gasped when she saw the crystalline water lapping at the shore and the pristine sandy beaches. Colorful sail boats and solid white yachts dotted the horizon, causing Arizona's toes to curl in her shoes with longing. She had grown up on military bases and the most she had experienced of the ocean was when she visited Hawaii with her family on the aniversary of Pearl Harbor one year. They were strapped for time and the somber occasion didn't afford many opportunities to frolic in the water. "It's so beautiful here," she finally said.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, ma'am."

She welcomed the distraction that the scenery provided her with. Anything that could pull her from her thoughts and let her mind wander for just a moment was a welcome reprieve. She didn't know what she would say to Calliope ... she just knew that she had to say something.

She was concentrating on a small airplane that was flying overhead, streaming a Subway sign behind it when the cab pulled to a stop. She leaned forward, gazing out at the imposing wrought iron gate before her.

"What's the security code?" the driver asked.

"Of course there would be a security code," Arizona grumbled, shaking her head. "Just ... let me out here. I'll ... handle it."

"I've been here before. The driveway is incredibly long. Are you sure?"

She nodded and exited the cab, regretting her choice of jeans in the heat. She adjusted her purse and met the driver at the trunk to retrieve her two bags. After she paid him and gazed back at the fence, she weighed her options. She could probably call the house via intercom and plead her case, but if Callie's father was home the only thing he would do was stalk down to the gate long enough to body slam her. On the other hand, standing in the midday sun with sweat beading down her back wasn't the best plan either. Deciding to risk it, she headed for the intercom.

She dropped her purse and swore under her breath as she tugged her suitcases behind her.

"Ahh! Ay dios mio! AHHH!"

With a scream of her own, Arizona gazed at the elderly man who was stomping up and down on a smoldering cigarette while he tried to hide behind a palm tree. "I'm so sorry I startled you," Arizona finally gasped out. "You got me back really good, though."

"I was not smoking," the man announced, still grinding the cigarette with the toe of his shoe. His accent was thick and Arizona leaned closer to him in an effort to understand him better. "Who are you? Who are you here to see? Are you the new housekeeper? Because I will shit all over the clean laundry every day if you tell that I was smoking."

Arizona's eyes were huge. There was no way she had misunderstood THAT. For someone with hair as white as snow, his language was anything but pure. "No. No, sir. I'm not the housekeeper. I'm here - uhm - I'm a friend of Calliope's. Calliope Torres."

"Ahh." The man's weathered face brightened considerably and he gave her a toothy grin. He openly appraised her, looking her up and down until she squirmed and flashed her dimples at him. "Hmm. You are Arizona, yes?"

"Y-yes, sir."

"I see." His smile grew even bigger. "She will be most pleased to see you. It has been a hard time for her. The shooting at the hospital has been, how do you say, very ... troublesome ... for her."

"It was horrible," she told him, nodding her head in affirmation. "Has she talked much about it, sir?"

"Why do you call me sir? I am old, si. But I am not yet dead." He bowed slightly at the waist. "You may call me abuelo and if that is too difficult for your very pale tongue to master then you may call me Papi. Okay?"

"Thank you, Papi."

"And to answer your question, Arizona, no she has not talked about it. But she need not speak a work at all for me to hear her." He pointed behind him toward the house. "Won't you accompany me?"

She gathered her suitcases and headed for the gate only to have Papi grab her arm and one of her suitcases for himself. "No no. I can carry my own luggage. Please -"

"I told you I'm not yet dead, dearest." He waved a gnarled hand at the gate. "And to hell with that. We're not announcing that you found me down here. Just ... follow me. Calliope is the only other soul who knows about this."

"Knows about what?"

"You'll see."

Arizona followed the old man down the street a few steps and then drew to a stop when he began to pat the tall stone wall that appeared to encase the Torres' property. She was about to inquire about his activity when he pulled a latch and a doorway slid open. She simply stared at it until he disappeared into it and called her name. Her suitcase barely fit through and she had to duck her head a little to make it into the contricted area. She immediately felt claustrophobic as her eyes ajusted to what appeared to be a dimly lit tunnel of some kind. "Uh, sir?"

"I'm gonna start calling you Blondie if you keep calling me, sir." He winked at her and flipped a switch, illuminating the interior slightly better, though not much. "We're inside, see? There are two stone walls and it's hollow inside. From the road you wouldn't guess that the stone fencing is so thick, eh? This is one of the oldest properties you will find in Miami. The people who built it made this hollow so that guards could travel unseen. Come along. We are perfectly safe."

Perhaps they were safe, Arizona thought. But her luggage certainly wasn't. The larger piece, which she rolled behind her, was dinging off the sides of the walls repeatedly. They were literally *inside* the large stone fence. Inside it. It was narrow, barely three feet in width. Someone like Mark Sloan, with broad shoulders and such height, would need to walk sideways and crouch down to avoid the lightbulbs that were dangling every few feet. It was also even hotter than it had been on the street inside the passageway. By the time she ran into Papi's back, her shirt was clinging to her. "Papi?"

"Shhh." He leaned his head against the wall, listening. "Don't want to give away any secrets."

Arizona held her breath, worrying about spiders, snakes, and whether the old man was actually sane. When he looked back at her and winked, she tried to give him a winning smile. Then he pushed against the wall and fresh air was lifting the ends of her hair off her sweaty face. She wanted to do a victory dance from sheer happiness, but she refrained as she followed the old man out into a canopy of palm trees and so many rows of orange trees she could barely believe her eyes. "Whoa."

Papi was studying her reaction closely. When she caught him staring, he said, "I like to see how people experience our home. It reminds me how fortunate we are."

"It's incredible and all I've seen is this ... this orchard."

"It is a grove." He elbowed her playfully and reached up to pluck an oversized orange from the tree. "And here you go, pretty girl. Now ... let us head up to the house."

Determination settled in Arizona's chest as she fell in step beside Papi instead of behind him. She practically had to trot to keep up with him and just when she was about to comment on how spry he was, he lifted her suitcase effortlessly onto the back of a golf cart and motioned for her second bag, which she happily surrendered, massaging her aching arms. Chivalry was alive and well in Miami because he took her elbow and helped her into the passenger seat.

A moment later she was grasping at the handle on the dash as Papi raced over the pebbled path. She drew in a deep breath of shock when the mansion came into view. It was the largest home Arizona had ever seen and she had to bite back the urge to ask if it was actually a hotel. Callie's parents had money. She knew that. But she had sort of expected the White House and not the freakin' Biltmore Estate. Even on the approach, she couldn't feast her eyes on every inch of it. There was simply too much to see. All she really registered was the beige color and what seemed like hundreds of arched entryways. She was visited with the urge to kiss Calliope under every single one of them.

Pulling to a stop near a side patio, Papi hopped out of the cart and motioned for her to follow him. "I will send someone out for your luggage. Come. Come."

Taking a deep breath, Arizona did as she was told and tried to remember to breathe the entire time.


The interior of the Torres home was just as stunning as the exterior. As soon as Arizona's eyes adjusted from the sunlight, she was amazed. They had entered through the kitchen and it was easily the largest that she had ever seen. Growing up in the military had meant military housing for Arizona and one home was the same as the next for the most part: small, unoriginal, and eggshell white. She was admiring the cabinetry when Papi opened what Arizona thought was a pantry, but was actually the refrigerator. He handed her a bottle of water and smiled, "One would think with a name like Arizona you would be used to the heat, but you are pouring sweat, mija."

"It's not just the temperature outside," Arizona admitted. "I'm ... nervous."

"Understandably so," Papi replied. "My arrogant son is not known for making a decent first impression. Especially when it comes to his daughter. What Carlos did upon meeting you was horrifying and I apologize where he likely has not. I believe, however, that you will find Callie's mother quite the opposite of Carlos. She has wanted to meet you since she first heard you existed in Callie's life."

If I exist in her life anymore, Arizona thought. Unsure of what to say, she busied herself with draining most of the water in the bottle before she smiled. "Thank you."

"Papi, is that you? You better not be ruining your dinner."

Arizona's eyes widened into saucers when the woman she recognized as Callie's mother walked into the kitchen. She had seen photos of Sophia Torres, but they did not do her justice. The woman was breathtaking and Arizona didn't have to wonder where Callie's full, pouty lips came from. Sophia's dark hair was curly and untamed as it brushed against her face and shoulders. She was curvier than Calliope and knew exactly how to flaunt those curves in a Marilyn Monroe-esque one piece bathing suit in white.

Arizona knew that she was being openly appraised as well so she cleared her throat. "Hello, Mrs. Torres. I'm Arizona Robbins."

"Did Carlos finally call you to come?" Sophia smiled. "He could have informed *me* that you were on your way."

"Uhm, no. I'm sorry. I - I invited myself."

"That *dreadful* ass!" Sophia exclaimed. "You wait until I get my hands on Carlos. I told him to call you. I told him that Callie needed you because quite frankly we're at a loss as to what to do with her."

"What do you mean?" Arizona felt her mouth go dry. "Is she okay?"

"Perhaps we should let her get settled in, Sophia," Papi suggested.

"No. Please. Is something wrong with Calliope?" Arizona looked back and forth between the two older people, searching their faces. "Where is she? Is she hurt?"

"No, but she's going to be when she wakes up and I beat her nearly to death," Sophia's voice was menacing, full of anger. "The little idiot got herself arrested last night for public intoxication. Carlos has gone to smooth it over at the station and hopefully make it disappear, but honestly ... being the town drunk? It's like she's a teenager all over again ... sullen, moody, and determined to turn me gray."

"Sophia, come now," Papi said. "Callie just survived a workplace shooting. She may have lost a few friends. We don't know."

"Because she won't talk to us!" Sophia snapped. "She's determined to drink herself into forgetting about it instead of facing it. And why do I smell cigarette smoke!? PAPI!? Perhaps I need to sharpen my claws on you! What have we told you!?"

"It wasn't me!" Papi cried. "I - I -"

"It was my cab driver," Arizona lied. "I tried to tell him not to, but he didn't speak English."

"Hmm." Sophia's full lips pursed into a thin line as she surveyed every inch of Arizona's face. "I see. Well, dear, you've arrived at the perfect time. You're a doctor. Granted, I know you treat children, but since my daughter wants to behave like one ... perhaps you can mend the ribcage that I pull through her belly button."

Arizona digested the threat and let it burn in her stomach. This was her fault and she knew it. It wasn't Gary Clark pouring drinks for Calliope ... it was Arizona. She had hurt the other woman far worse than Gary Clark could have ... even if he had pulled the trigger.

"Honey, are you okay?" Papi asked. "Don't mind Sophia. She barks really loud, but rarely bites."

Pulled from her thoughts, Arizona took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I'm just ... I can't believe Calliope was arrested."

"Were you there that day at the hospital?" Sophia asked. "Did you see what happened to her?"

"Yes, ma'am. I - I was with her the whole time."

"Please don't call me ma'am. Call me Sophia." Holding out her hand, Sophia added, "Why don't we sit on the balcony and you can tell me what my daughter refuses to tell me."

"Maybe I should -"

"Should what? Wait for her to tell us? No, thank you." Sophia shook her head. "Have you seen my daughter's temper, sweetheart?"


"She gets it from me but mine is worse. So you will be telling me everything because once you do ... I promise to keep my husband on his best behavior *and* ignore the fact that you lied to me about Papi smoking."

"But how did you know -"

Sophia's brow arched beautifully.

Arizona grimaced.

She'd know that brow anywhere.

Conceding defeat, Arizona followed Sophia onto the balcony.


Don't throw things at me. I know ... I know. Bad Arizona! Very bad! But I think you guys will like how this plays out. I promise lots of dirty dirty dirty naughty time and that it will all be resolved. Plus? Anyone who reads my stuff KNOWS how much I love introducing new characters and Papi basically owns my HEART after threatening to poop on the laundry! :)
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